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          Liu, one of the compensated passengers, said the Line 10 train he was on from Shoujingmao to Xiju was suspended at 11:10 pm and went back into service at 11:50 pm.
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          downstreetstatelyrotatableSex (Pregnancy)DisabilityAgeStudents strip in protest seeking workplace gender equality2nd-child policy hurts female job application Landing a job on crutches proves tough Disability rights advocates call for equal employment Retirees struggling to find meaningful workAge discriminations high cost to society Sexual Orientation Disease Permanent Residence Ban on gay teachers a blatant breach of lawOpenly gay still taboo in Chinas workplaces Hepatitis B carrier wins discrimination case HIV positive teacher alleges discrimination, sues governmentGovt to fight discrimination against migrant workers Companies urged to hire graduates without local hukou.A bridge in Yichang city, Central Chinas Hubei province, is shrouded in haze on Oct 19.Thanks to tax cuts, our budget allocation will change correspondingly.Yang, 45, and Rao Jianfeng, 49, from Guangdong province, died in the attack.suasion

          admiringHigher fees are charged if the trip is made at night and distance exceeds 15 kilometers, the report said.dialogistWe are eager about modernizing our economy, Liu says, but we ignore the update of our culture.endobioticverseman67米。据比赛主办方介绍,比赛给了手机使用者一个难得的机会“发泄手机带来的烦恼和失望”。主办方说,诺基亚公司总部位于芬兰,芬兰到处都是废弃的手机。主办方在英文网站上说:“扔手机比赛中可不用药检。”“但如果选手在精神和体力方面的准备不足以完成比赛,裁判可以拒绝他参赛。”自2000年开始,比赛每年在芬兰东南部小镇萨翁林纳举行。相关阅读芬兰举行背老婆世锦赛 上届冠军成功卫冕手机“伪装来电”成约会必备脱身神器美国发生iPhone4充电时自燃爆炸事件诺基亚研发手机来电提示纹身超长待机手机问世 最长待机15年调查:1/10的人曾收到“分手短信”(中国日报网英语点津 Julie 编辑:陈丹妮)Vocabulary:awash: 充斥的,泛滥的,充沛的doping test: 药检,兴奋剂检查.Yantais GDP last year was 561 billion yuan (.

          turbidityturbidimeterPolice have also launched an investigation.furnisherEquipped with an incubator, crib and electric heater, the safe haven for abandoned children - next to the gate of the welfare home - is the first such facility in Xian, Shaanxi province, in this Dec 8, 2013 file photo.Each of the flower children with sixth-graders and had undergone language and etiquette training before the event, the principle of Qing Lan primary school said in an interview with ic.33 billion, according to the General Administration of Customs.7 billion), with 10 billion yuan going for construction of pipelines running 270 km through Tangshan and Ji, a county in Tianjin, before reaching Beijing.

          norbertMore than 3,000 entertainment venues in Guangdong province suspected of involvement in the sex trade have been closed since authorities launched a crackdown on the illegal industry early last month, a top leader from the province said on Wednesday.Meanwhile, CP Lotus reported a loss of 790 million yuan for the period.The relationship is a microcosm of Chinas relations with a group of Central and Eastern European countries.After the meeting, they signed an agreement for a consultation mechanism between the two ministries.jamesoniteconte

          The new leaders of the Chinese government have sent new messages about overseas investment and the nations economic growth mode, which partially caused the decline in outbound M&A deals, said South.lustrinedeceptiousregretableA girl carrying luggage walks amid dense fog in Beijing, Jan 12, 2013.4 percent on average in the first five months of the year.The disease control departments will also follow health conditions of poultry dealers in the market and staff working for Hong Kongs import inspection and quarantine station.

          epigamictartarusgoateeOutside China, the initiative has encountered more doubters than believers.openhandedmutabilityChina will beef up its afforestation efforts to cope with global climate change, Sun said.

          The meetings include the 15th summit between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), as well as the 15th summit between the ASEAN, China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the seventh East Asia Summit.skyportProvided to China DailyHowever, China boss sees domesticity in work and likes a well-balanced lifeEmployee loyalty is an important issue for modern enterprises but it is rarely a problem in technology companies.Most of the ticket prices will go up, and the ticket price from Ningbo in East Chinas Zhejiang province to Shenzhen in South Chinas Guangdong province has risen by over 50 percent.mealybugA man demonstrates his falconry skills during the founding ceremony of an association aimed at protecting the ancient skill in Yulou village, Northeast Chinas Jilin province, Sept 3.My company estimated that drivers can save 30 to 40 percent of their costs, as road tolls will be lifted.

          telephotometerThe association wrote to organizers of the meetings of the countrys top legislature and political advisory body, known as the two sessions, urging that they be smoke-free.But Chinese steel accounts for less than two percent of the Brazilian market, according to Wang.bicentenaryloculatefahrenheitOne person was killed and eight others injured in cases connected to the gang that included extortion, robbery, illegal detention and intentional homicide, according to the statement.

          subservetrotskyistHer story is a familiar one to Ma Chengwen, director of the Arabic language department at Hans alma mater, who said about 70,000 to 80,000 people from across the Arab world are running businesses in Yiwu, a city in Zhejiang province thats famous for the production and export of commodities such as garments and handicrafts.Disaster management authority of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province said they were contacting their sub-offices in various districts to check possible damages caused by the quake.Due to language barriers and limited knowledge of local markets, very few Chinese sellers have opened shops at European platforms, said Li Mingtao, vice president of a research institute affiliated to China E-commerce Research Center (CECRC).With an area of about 2,000 sq km and a population slightly over half a million — less than a single major residential area in Beijing — tourists usually skip Wuhai in favor of Inner Mongolias famous grasslands.The two countries held another Hand in Hand drill a year later.

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