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          If the law is changed, Taiwan singer and actor Jiro Wang might lose his two-year, NT million (5,000) deal representing a brand of sanitary pads.[2020-10-29]
          Most of the buyers are seniors who buy these products to give to friends or relatives, Gu added.[2020-10-15]
          Wang said a major task of Chinas diplomatic mission next year is to push forward a new-type relationship with the US and enrich it with more results of cooperation.[2020-10-8]
          Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, a California-based company, asked Li about the biggest challenges facing the Chinese economy.[2020-10-12]
          As a volunteer, he is more conscious than anyone else what his status could bring.[2020-10-25]
          The 14th China Digital Entertainment Expo, also known as ChinaJoy 2016, has attracted many webcasters or online celebrities, to broadcast the event live.[2020-10-24]
          With China becoming a global China, that ups the ante on its connection to an increasingly integrated world and creates a new set of opportunities.[2020-10-9]
          President Xi Jinping has long attached great importance to international anti-terror cooperation, and the Chinese government decided to introduce the commissioner posts as a key measure for improving the terror fight and global cooperation, according to Cheng.[2020-10-22]
          Intime Chairman Shen Guojun believes the tie-up will help his firm better embrace digital change and pinpoint peoples needs by using big data and cloud computing.[2020-10-2]
          5 percent, from counties and 3.[2020-10-7]
          Opera House, National Center for the Performing Arts, west of Tiananmen Square.[2017-11-5]
          Guangzhou Kingway Gifts Industrial Co, which makes Christmas gifts and decorations, recorded a better year in 2014 thanks to the improving US economy, said Yu Kuiming, who works in the companys Foreign Trade Department.[2017-7-24]
          TOKYO - Victims and their relatives of wartime sexual slaves, or comfort women, forced by Japanese military on Monday demand the Japanese government follow the 1993 Kono Statement and make a more explicit apology and compensation to the victims.[2016-2-26]
          Merkel expressed outrage and accused Washington of a grave breach of trust.[2017-9-14]
          What matters now is to discover new incentives to rebalance and deepen trade and investment relations.[2015-1-18]
          We are committed to international expansion, especially in the US and Europe, says David Yin, the companys managing director for Europe.[2019-11-17]
          Many people used to consider going to the cities for work as the best option for someone from mountainous areas like Guizhou, but not anymore, she said.[2017-8-23]
          It covers incentive plans for patent applications, computer software copyright registration, trademark registration, patent awards and intellectual property model enterprises.[2015-8-23]
          More than 500 flights out of Beijing were delayed and finally canceled, stranding about 80,000 passengers at the airport.[2018-11-19]
          Gao said total costs for buying drugs are estimated to go down by roughly 20 percent.[2019-6-21]
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