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          YAO FENG / FOR CHINA DAILYWhen the YiDa Five supply vessel left Sinopec Zhoushan Companys fuel depot at the Aoshan wharf in the China (Zhejiang) Pilot FTZ for Shanghai Yangshan Port on April 18, its target was Panama freighter Paraburdoo-and the task was to deliver as much as 1,350 metric tons of bonded fuel oil.[2020-10-23]
          This Transformers Soundwave figure can be converted to a Xiaomis tablet toy in the future.[2020-10-20]
          Domestic and foreign companies are treated equally in the application of supportive policies.[2020-10-22]
          For example, the Chinese auto market is a mature one for Japanese carmakers, he said.[2020-10-17]
          The minister said that Sri Lanka was committed to pursuing an outward oriented trade regime following the principles of the World Trade Organization, with a view to enhancing overseas market access for its export products and achieving greater integration into the world economy.[2020-10-3]
          But to oversee a robotics company, Reuter needs to have a unique winning formula.[2020-10-8]
          Nearly half of the 115 accused worked in the fields of energy, engineering, manufacturing and construction.[2020-10-20]
          Jia Limin, a professor at Beijing Jiaotong University, said there is little possibility the subway platform could conduct electricity, unless passengers deliberately touched devices at the two ends of the underground passage.[2020-10-30]
          The 25-year-old was a comfortable winner in both of the final rides, taking the best-of-three series 2-0 to improve upon the bronze she won in the event 12 months ago.[2020-10-16]
          Chinas beverage maker JDB Group has announced a donation of 100 million yuan to Lushan, the largest donation thus far from any company in China.[2020-10-11]
          The expressway density in the province only accounted for half in Beijing.[2017-7-20]
          Baosteel Gases cover a variety of areas in industrial gases, synthetic gases, packaged gases and new energy, operating through more than 10 subsidiaries in Chinas eastern, northwest and southern regions.[2016-4-19]
          The tickets are priced between and 8.[2019-9-1]
          This would require breaking up monopolies and withdrawing regulations and practices that hinder the growth of a unified market and fair competition.[2015-8-2]
          The fall at the beginning of the routine shocked me and it disturbed my distribution of physical strength over the whole program, Tong said.[2017-7-15]
          In a communique that was released on Thursday after the session, all Party members were called on to closely unite around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core.[2015-5-23]
          In Shanghai, the road near Gezhi Middle School was half-blocked by traffic police.[2016-11-22]
          She said that the global public health and research communities have benefited greatly from Chinas sharing of genetic sequence data.[2016-12-19]
          After treatments were successful, a four-year-old boy who had tested positive for the H7N9 virus was discharged from a Shanghai hospital on April 10, according to local health authorities.[2019-8-13]
          I suggested writing we wont stay silent anymore, and the more the enemies want to destroy unity, the more we must keep united.[2016-4-26]
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